The Artwork of Nancy Murphree Davis

Be transported into an optimistic world of color, and imagine the sensory experiences behind each creation. Nancy shares her awe and wonder of the nature in expressive watercolors and inspirational printmaking.

Nancy has been painting in watercolor for three decades and the passion and warmth she feels for the medium is apparent.

“My favorite part of watercolor painting comes from watching and controlling the ebb and flow of pigment in the water. Time stands still when I am painting. I am often surprised to find that four or five hours have gone by while I was lost in my world of brushes and pigments.”

Another artistic love is printmaking.

“Printmaking is just fun! You never know exactly what you will get when you peel the paper off the plate. My recent discovery of gelliprinting means I can pull prints without a press. I use the prints as backgrounds for mixed media artwork and produce finished monotypes too.”

To balance the solitary pursuits of creation in the studio, Nancy enjoys the relationships made through art organizations wherever she lives and on Facebook and Instagram.

“I am inspired daily by the immense talent in the world shared on social media. I find joy and connection while encouraging others in their journeys of creativity and welcome questions and comments on the artwork I share.”

When not painting, Nancy loves to walk the shores and snorkel the reefs in the Florida Keys. The birds, fish and shells have been recent subjects of her artwork.